Historical collection

Stavanger School Museum

Stavanger School Museum documents and mediates the history of basic schooling in Rogaland from the 1700s to today. The museum’s collection consists of about 8,000 objects and 1,000 photographs.

All the photos, parts of the chart collection and some objects can be viewed at Digitalt museum.

The objects include work produced by pupils, textbooks and other teaching tools, plus inventory and equipment from schools in Rogaland.

The first years after the museum was established in 1925, it functioned as a pedagogical centre. Here publishers could market their new teaching aids and textbooks. A large part of the collection therefore comes from the 1920s and ‘30s.

Some objects in the collection are displayed in different historical contexts in the museum: an ambulatory school, a classroom from the 1920s, a classroom from the 1960s, and a room for woodworking and handicraft. The museum also has a library with about 25,000 textbooks.

The School Museum’s focal area is to collect works produced by pupils, objects and photographs that represent pupils’ history. The museum no longer accepts textbooks.